Hexagonal wire netting has many applications across the industry, the main ones are;


The minimum height for a rabbit fence is 900mm from the ground, with a 150mm turn out to prevent burrowing. In this case, a 1050mm overall height rabbit mesh would be selected.

Best practice is to bury 300mm into the ground. This requires the selection of the 1200mm height mesh.

0.9mm wire is used in our budget netting. Although a popular choice, rabbits have been known to chew through this diameter of wire. 1mm diameter wire provides additional protection, but for the best protection, 1.2mm wire is recommended. It is this diameter that is specified for Forestry Commission and Highways Agency work.

Game birds & poultry

1800mm high with a 50mm aperture is the industry standard.


Wire size and aperture is species specific.