Automating a gate makes it much easier and quicker for access and also provides another level of security. 

Automated Gates usually come in 3 different designs: Automatic swing gates, Cantilever Gate or Tracked Sliding gate. 

Automatic Swing Gates 

These are most popular and provide an easy and quick access into/out of your premise. However, they do require a large area for them to swing open. 

Cantilever Gate

These are suited to areas with limited room for opening. They also have the advantage of operating over rough or uneven ground. The gate does however need to be longer than the entrance to allow for the cantilever, this distance is roughly an extra 3rd on top of the overall entrance.

Tracked Sliding Gate

These are also suited to areas with limited room for opening. These have a wheel incorporated into the bottom bar of the gate which supports the gate along the track and can improve the stability of the gate 


Gates can be controlled in many different ways, below are a few different jobs that we have done in the past: 

  • Control panel - requiring a password for access
  •  Intercom - ability to speak to someone within the grounds 
  •  Telephone - The gate has its own sim card and dialling the provided number will open the gate 
  • Key fob