Primarily used in the equine sector as a method of field division, electric can easily be used as a permanent and cost effective field boundary. Mains, battery and solar energisers are available and will provide years of trouble free service if correctly installed. Ring now for advice on any equine fencing issues or follow the link to the Gallagher web site, click the U.K. button and click on ‘Fence selector’ to start building your own virtual fence.

Electric fencing has many advantages over conventional fencing. Firstly, it’s economical advantages, 50% less labour to erect, and large savings to be had in material costs. Electric fencing is also much easier to install than conventional fencing meaning that most people will be able to self erect for further savings. Furthermore, after the animals first contact with the fence, it will then endeavour to avoid any more contact with the fence, hence reduced physical load and longer fence life.

What you will need: 

  • An energiser to provide the current
  • Fencing wire or tape to conduct the current
  • Fence posts to carry the wire
  • Insulators to insulate the current in the wire from the posts so the power does not drain straight to the ground
  • An earthing system that conducts the current back to the energiser

The animal then touches the fence and completes the circuit, and receives a shock. 

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