Wire Fencing has many uses in Agricultural, Domestic and Industrial environments. 

There are many different variations to wire fencing and the best to suit you is all dependent about what you are fencing in/out. 

The different Tensile strength of the wire is the first thing.

High Tensile Wire - This is most commonly used by contractors and farmers. The reason for this is its excellent longevity to protect your stock. This wire can be strained tighter than mild steel and will stay tight so no need for any upkeep. Further benefits to this, mean fewer posts are required and therefore cutting the costs down significantly. 

Mild Steel - This can be classed as slightly easier to work with as it is more flexible. It cant be strained to the same degree as High Tensile. It does still have its place and is a very reliable product. 


             Hinge Joint Knot                                Torus Knot                                 Titan Knot              



Hinge Joint Knot - This is the traditional joint for stock fencing

Torus Joint - Continuous wire running through making much more stronger 

Titan Knot - Strongest of all knots making very resistant to impact 

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