Electric Wooden gates can be designed to enhance any entrance. Styles to suit all tastes both traditional and contemporary, can be replicated or created.

We typically use Hardwood Iroko, this provides the gate with much longevity and structural support. If you require privisy or security then a fully boarded door is better for you. Alternatively they can be half spindled or even fully spindled the design is up to you. 

Iroko Hardwood can also be used for tracked gates. Tracked gates are ideal for many applications and can provide a cost effective alternative to other methods. They are relatively simple to fit, however do require an area with little to no debry as this can cause the gate to struggle to run smoothly along the track. 

The other advantage of a tracked system is it needs little more than its own length in which to operate. Perfect for areas where the gate hasn't any room to swing out, for example close to the road or into a small parking area.