Wrought Iron Swing

Wrought iron swing gates can be fabricated to enhance any entrance. Styles to suit all tastes both traditional and contemporary, can be replicated or created. They have the advantage of offering unparalleled longevity when galvanised, and are very structurally stable in all conditions. They can offer a greater level of security than timber gates, and can be designed with this in mind. They are usually associated with underground automation although above ground is possible. Swing gates are possible as a single leaf up to about 12ft maximum and are more cost effective than a double leaf pair, but this can often lead to issues with room as a pair need less room to open into. Usually, gates open into a property, but in some circumstances it is possible to open them outward, giving more space on the inside. Gates must never open onto a public highway. Swing gates cannot open up an incline, only downward. This may have some influence over your choice. If swing gates don’t suit your property, maybe you should consider a sliding gate which can be found on the next page.

All our wrought iron gates are galvanised after manufacture and powder coated to a colour of your choice. We only use European sourced electrical components for quality and peace of mind.