Gate Fittings

We carry a large stock of gate hangings and catches, which are listed in the Agricultural section of this site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ring as not everything is listed there. If you are wanting something more specific or to replicate traditional fittings, our fabrication shop will be able to help.

Some of the more Local Authority specific items are listed below.

Gas Gate Closers;

Used primarily in high traffic areas. These closers have been developed to shut the gate slowly and avoid any any danger of the gate nipping the users heel as can be associated with the more traditional gate return spring. We fitted this closer for the local National Park Authority as the existing spring was causing the gate to slam, irritating local residents. Gas gate closers can in most cases be retro fitted and should be good for in the region of 100,000 operations.

Easy Latch Closers;

Easy latches can be retro fitted to most gates and provide a simple gate opening option. It is also available with a U shaped handle which returns down the opposite side of the gate, and is recognised as a mobility friendly gate opening method. It is also available with RADAR key lock.


Hunting Latch

Auto latches with a lifting handle provide a simple, cost effective alternative to the Easy latch. The main advantage of these gate catches is that they can be easily opened from both sides of the gate, whereas a regular auto catch can prove more difficult.